We have been born into a civilization in decline. It has been in decline for quite a long time already, which is why most people don’t even see the decline or don’t identify it as such. All the struggles of the past centuries, especially of the last one are nothing more than ever-increasing symptoms of declining culture, coming to it’s end. The decline seems slow to the human eye, which always gives easy arguments to deniers of this thing happening, but considering it on a larger scale, it is actually quite a rapid collapse, getting more and more destructive every year and that will only end when this civilzation lies in ruins. And it will. As other civilizations and empires before ours did, we will only be remnants of a cultural system that never has been and never will be sustainable – because it is built on exploitation, slavery and EXPANSION without limits. Based on the premise of an infinite greedy and forceful expansion that is carried out on and beneath the surface of a finite planet, a tiny spot in a universe too big to be understood by even the grandest minds in our midst.

This system we live in is a pathology and everyone embedded in it is somewhat pathological themselves, some more than others. So much suffering that people endure, all just for the ideas and assumptions that have been put into their minds since birth. About necessities, unchangeable things, inevitable progress, about needs and musts, or simply, about right or wrong. About weakness and strength.
So many people are ill, from the life they’re leading, simply – and they go on, mostly blame themselves and go on and on, denying that maybe this is not the best of all possible worlds, because they were taught it is. With it’s faults. With the intrinsic fault of the human animal. The intrinsic evil of the world, that needs to be ignored or seen, taken as part of the equation or fought, but never with a universal look at the foundations of this culture that has spread like a virus a long time ago. Assumptions about everything we are SUPPOSED TO [- allegedly, for our own good].

We accepted to confront ourselves to the appalling reality behind the curtain. Knowing the truth might not be enough, challenge your desire to accept it with its consequences according to the moral standard you are ready to accept for you and the others. Make a move. We have seen and understood too much to be able to step back from the naked truth again. We have chosen to accept the lucidity, stay lucid and alert. And we’re holding the curtain open.

This culture is a culture of extreme violence, often subliminated, hidden, transcripted into something else, but it is behind every aspect of the modern comfort we’ve built our identity onto. The wars might happen somewhere else, but they happen because of this cultures intrinsic unsustainability, and they concern us all. And there are many wars fought by individual people, every day of their lives.people are ill, depressive, anxious, driven, and never really happy, absorbed by works they don’t really want to do, they hide their trouble. Smiling is what you are taught. Pulling yourself together is what you are being taught.

People are falling apart, hopeless or overwhelmingly hopeful for a future that is supposed to be flexible and self-created, self-decided, self-engineered, but they are just caught up in a machine that tells them what the options are. And the options are limited. For many people, these options do not even exist. It is a world full of sadness and longing for sense; but even the expressive arts only show us decline and a cracking open of forms, because no form can bear content any longer. Because there is nothing more to say, to express except concepts, to try and grasp sense, or to express a deep-seated longing for another world in which things would be different.

People are drowning in illusions.
This system is a masquerade, a staged play, acted out day by day. Seeing the decline and seeing it’s roots in the fundamentally wrong idea of this culture as being the best possible way to live as a human, fuelled by a feeling of superiority to other species, other forms of lives, fuelled by the consciousness of a creative intelligence that might bring us the world we dream of.

When, actually, we are being fooled and used and abused, brainwashed. We are enslaved, even the richest ones of us; the slavery of the body and the mind go hand in hand. They have to be thought together, considered together. The brilliance of the human mind stands in the way of simple thinking, that considers happiness to be not one of striving, progress and an end towards which all efforts are leading, but happiness as being a thing that is found only in the most basic things we actually come back to, even if it is only at the end of a long journey of suffering, ups and downs.

To let go of the concept of a freedom that we are supposed to be the masters of, to let go of this illusionary idea of freedom as the ultimate gift from culture, to really be honest with your deepest feelings about what you really feel towards what is actually GIVEN to you in this life, lifting the veil of denial and succombing to clear honesty, even if it weakens, hurts, and makes you very vulnerable for some time, is the only way out of this slavery. To take a distance from the system of values that has been put into your head from your early years on, to let go of the idea of the intrinsic value of human culture as a system to better the world, that is the actual way OUT.

It is a big risk, and it means giving up lots of things, but the gain from that is something that you will never have inside the walls of a culture that keeps telling you that you’re free while forcing you to do everything it demands of you in order to be a good and valuable citizen. There is no freedom to find here.

Stop formulating in terms of relations, like my life is ok, really, considering that other people..I have a good job, seeing as other people have worse jobs than I do…I am ok, in comparison to what other people do have to suffer...etc
We are living in a state of slavery, a slavery of the Mind.To become aware of this slavery is the first step towards becoming conscious of the world we live in being inherently injust, pathological, and out of our control – because the overwhelming majority of us are being controlled by the mindset we have been raised with and by structures that we never chose to live in – even if many people learned to adapt and accomodate themselves within these structures. But they are no good structures, they are a prison.

This civilization is a hall of mirror, an echo chamber. It’s technological achievements reflecting our godly image blinding us from the cage we’re in. Becoming aware of the enslavement of your own mind is the first step towards a better life, even if it will take many struggles, fights and giving up on small commodities that the structure of the declining offers you. It is a risk worth taking – on a long term it is a benefit. If you are honest with yourself, really honest, you will see where your choice lies. We propose you our lucidity on these matters, informations, thoughts, and the possibility to connect with other people who stopped believing in the stories we never thought were questionnable. The first step is always the hardest one to take. But we invite you to take it. We think we can have a better life. We can point out the hacks our culture used to trick our minds into believing that what we have is the best humans can hope to get. We can then stop identifying ourselves with the ambient dominant cultural voice, break free, and get back our lost humanity.