The dominant culture is destroying Earth ability to support life.

As of 2020, we’re living in the midst of an ecocide, also called the 6th mass extinction, or climate holocaust.
The world peak population should be hit in the next 15 years, followed by a catastrophic decline of life expectancy driven by ever-increasing world-wide insecurities over basic human needs.
Worldwide abnormal events like temperature anomalies, heat-waves instances, wildfires intensity, unprecedented snow-melt rates and weather pattern disruptions are only the beginning of this well anticipated trend.

Our knowledge & technology allows us to foresee these situations, so we thought it is time to get organized in order to ease the way down the inevitable global collapse of modern civilization in any human ways possible.

This website has the goal to facilitate the understanding on how to reconsider our deepest cultural assumptions, who led us to take part in this situation without finding the means to requestion it deeply enough. Only with a clear understanding of the roots of the problems, we might step forward and start building the necessary tools for facing a world where broken things will never be repaired, evacuated places never seen again, lost memories never retrieved, extinct species never reborn.

It proceeds in few working directions :

– Summarizing the scientific & social knowledge about Abrupt Climate Change.
– Running Strategic thinking groups to implement these informations into current developments via meetup events & collaborations with various social networks – both urban & rural.
– Defining why & how to reconsider our cultural assumptions by promoting access to essential literature.
– Participating in the production of various medias to follow that goal (via video-making, books republishing, translation, subtitling, lectures, workshops…)
– Exploring at personal level the alternative ways of life and acquire the necessary skills to develop resilient communities.